Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Overheard at Table 2: Norwegian Psycho Killer and Fox News . . . Arctic Fox?

Billy: Heard some guy on Fox news yesterday.

Joe: That Bushie who was backtracking from "The Muslims are blowing up Oslo"?

Jim: Yup. That's him.

Bob: Wasn't he saying something about how the killer could'a been stopped if Norway had stopped people at airports like we do?

Billy: Something like that. He said that Norway was too peaceful.

Joe: Didn't help out on the War on Terror.

Jim: But ain' t they in Afghanistan with us?

Bob: Only about 500 troops.

Billy: Yeah, but ain't that about 5% the population of Norway?

Joe: huh huh! good'un.

Jim: What gets me is this - the Bushie's logic is that the attack happened because they weren't prepared for terrorists, and now the psycho-killer's lawyer is saying that the guy is saying that he attacked and killed almost 100 children because Norway wasn't prepared for terrorists.

Bob: I see where you're going with this.

Billy: You're saying that the Bushie thinks like a psycho-killer.

Joe: That's the only conclusion that makes sense in this whole mess.

Jim: All I know is that any one with any "blame the victim" mentality is psycho. Full stop.

Bob: Amen.

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