Friday, August 6, 2010

At the Counter

John Steppenwolf showing Niall Carter the lastest joke he found on
"Look!" he says, "Music piracy helps stop global warming!"
"Reminds me of all the jokes whenever we got those cold ice snaps last winter, all the dinks saying 'Thought it was s'posed to be global WARMING' huh huh huh!" Niall says morosely.
The Barista says, "Well, they're not laughing now - not with this heat wave blasting across 18 states!"
Steppenwolf says, "That's for sure."
Niall pulls up on his Blackberry one that he found the other day - "Look," he says, "this one is a swimming pool, but look at what's at the bottom of the swimming pool.

MM! Progress!!!

"I swear," Niall says, "Someday in the future when we've totally [EXPLETIVE DELETED] this planet, some aliens are going to sift through the scaps and realize, 'Hey! These dumb [EXPLETIVE DELETED] sat around and made jokes while the world
After a few moments, John Steppenwolf says,
"We are Nero."

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