Friday, July 23, 2010

Overheard in Booth Three

- so let me get this straight

- ok

- yesterday, a conservative blogger posted a video of a woman in the Department of Agriculture in front of the NAACP telling them some story about how she used to screw over the white farmers.

- yeah.

- and so they fired her?

- right, they fired her right out.

- and the President apologized.

- well, the President apologized later. After they rehired her.

- they rehired her?

- yeah.

- why?

- turns out they shouldn't have fired her.

- why? She admitted she was being racist.

- that's what the conservative blogger wanted people to think. Turns out he didn't see the whole video.

- the whole video?

- yeah, she said, "Watch the whole video." Turns out she was telling a story, about how bad it WOULD be to be racist, and how they should learn from this.

- so the conservative blogger didn't show the whole video?

- he says he never saw the last part. Just the first part. The one he posted.

- how could he have only seen the part that supported his agenda? Did his computer just crash right when it got to the part that would have made him go, "Crap! I can't use this!"

- yeah, probably. Least that's what he says.

- so, the President apologized to her, didn't this guy at least apologize.

- of course not, he said he was trying to expose the hypocracy of the NAACP.

- seems like all he exposed was the spinelessness of the Department of Agriculture.

- and, sadly, the whole Obama Administration.

- dang, even when they're right, they're so afraid to admit it.

- think they've been so spanked so many times they're just scared of getting slapped around some more, so whenever the conservatives scream an accusation, they fall all over each other to atone for it. Then, when it turns out they're wrong, they apologize to the original targets.

- basically, even though the conservatives are lying conniving vicious scumbags, they always get the liberals to apologize and prostrate themselves.

- sounds about right.

- so, who's running this show anyway?

- Fox News is the only one I can think of.

- God, that's scary.

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