Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Overheard at Table Four

1 "D'jya hear they're gonna build a mosque on Ground Zero? How's that for a sharp stick in the eye?"

2 "Does seem like they're trying to make a point - like 'Hey look, we won!'"

3 "Actually, the way I see it, if we as Americans don't want mosques built over here, we should just outlaw Islam."

2 "Yeah, but you can't just outlaw Islam, that's part of the Constitution. Freedom of religion."

3 "Actually, it's freedom FROM religion - it was only put there so that the government could not create a state-sponsored religion."

1 "So basically, even if a muslim were ever made President, he couldn't make us all convert?"

2 "Like any muslim would ever be elected President!"

3 "Don't laugh at that . . . thirty years ago who'd ever thought we'd have a black President!"

2 "Yeah, there are a lot of idiots who STILL don't believe it!"

3 "Yeah, but the way I really see it is this - we're all up in the air about the mosque near Ground Zero, and yeah it is symbolic, because muslims brought down the towers, but to be honest, the hatemongers on the radio getting people all p'o-ed about it is not the way to go. The only way to stop mosques being built in this country is for everybody to get back into church.

1 "Whad'ya mean by that? How's going back to church going to stop mosques."

3 "Why do you think all the muslims hold on so strongly to their faith? It's not becuase it's just a feel-good religion, I mean, come on! The constant inner struggle, the image you've got to live up to, the pillars you have to follow. I mean, it's miserable! The ONLY way to get people away from such a freakily oppressive existence is if WE go back to church, get really involved, and show everybody just how wonderful Jesus Christ is. The only reason why we're so weak in our faith is because we've never had to struggle for it. We're weak in our faith, because we don't EXERCISE it. If we exercise it, we grow in it, and this is the religion of LOVE, baby, LOVE is the strongest emotion in the world - and if everyone came over here and saw every one of us worshipping the God of LOVE, then they would want some of that too and instead of building mosques they'd be building churches, more and more, until they were more prevalent than gas stations!

2 "Hallelujah brother!"

1 "Dang, you almost got me convinced to get back into church."

3 "Don't make in an 'almost' - go do it. See where it leads you!"

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