Friday, June 18, 2010

Faith Hope and Charity

Verble storms into the cafe, and before anybody can ask him what's wrong, he angrily declares, "I built this Cafe to be a good place to show the love of Jesus Christ, but I swear to all of you if Glenn Beck ever walks into MY cafe,

he gets charged DOUBLE PRICE!

How DARE he ! How DARE HE! who does he think he is? Stealing the images of the Founding Fathers, and STEALING THE WORDS OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST

and twisting them in his own sick little mind for his own sick little game? Faith, Hope, Charity! That's the clarion call of the Bible - everything that Jesus taught us in a nutshell, and he's misusing it to promote an agenda of destruction and hate.

And you Yanks are BUYING IT! how utterly misled and myopic can you BE?!

Don't you understand that Glenn Beck has nothing to contribute to America but a rant of bile and hate and filth? He knows nothing of the words and the slogan that he's espousing - and MAKING MONEY FROM!!!!

He has openly admitted that he does what he does to make money, and yet he sells T-shirts with the images of Washington and Franklin, and the words FAITH HOPE CHARITY.

What Glenn SickBeck obviously does not understand is that the Founding Fathers would have had him horsewhipped for being an idiot, and also that the only time Jesus was ever visibly angry, to the point of hurling tables against the walls, was when people dared to MAKE MONEY from His Father's house!

Faith, means faith in God, something beyond ourselves that we can never truly know.
Hope, means the belief that better things are ahead,
But the greatest of these is Charity - which means a love that is so strong that you will give it away without any care of ever getting anything back. Charity is a complete giving of SELF, wanting no payment in return, wanting nothing than for somebody else to have something.

What does Glenn Beck know of that kind of Charity? what to the Republicans know about that kind of charity? what do the Conservatives know about that kind of charity? what does the Religious Right know about that kind of charity? and for that matter, what do Americans know about that kind of Charity?

Glenn Beck - stop making money off of God. Stop making money off of the founding fathers. Stop making money off of lying to Americans.

and to all Americans.

WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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