Thursday, May 20, 2010

More at Booth 2

here, you need to go here - take a load off, relax

- you are so right, that would be totally onehundredpercent perfect . . . but you see, that's the whole point, you and I can't afford it. We would have to have already sold our souls when we were still in college just to have fasttracked a job in order to make the kind of scratch needed even to afford a decent PICTURE of a place like that, much less go there on our own dime - reminds me of something i read the other day when I took the kid to get a haircut - get this, one of those slutty uberrich girls - famous only because they're rich, right? the Kardashians, right, one of those - well, I picked up one of those rags, like Star or Us or something like that, and she was in Mexico with her on-again off-again husband, and the article was talking about how they needed to "reconnect" - at a resort that costs $4,700.00 PER NIGHT. And I'm thinking 'do you know how many poor villages could send their kids to school and buy them decent meals for a year with what these rich pricks blew on EACH night just to "work" on their emotional issues? i mean, it just made me sick! there's another ulcer in my gut, right there, right below the small intestine.

- you're right.

- i know i'm right.

- it's insane.

- yer dang right it's insane.

- you gotta get yourself to tahiti. 'cuz if you don't i'm gonna throw you through that plate glass window right there in front of this here coffee shop.

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