Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hello Dali

John Steppenwolf at the counter talking with Verble about Dali on a Saturday morning, over steaming cups of coffee . . . and kolaches (which Verble and his had just discovered on a trip to Houston. His wife learned how to make them upon return, and are now served most mornings):

John is saying, my favourites, generally speaking are his crucifictions. I always wondered why he painted the various angles, and yet we never see Christ's face. One in particular that I was viewing the other day is the one where He seems to be looking down, and there is a boat at the bottom, greatly out of proportion to the angle of the rest of the painting. I can't for the life of me figure out exactly what the boat's supposed to mean.

and Verble says, it's Dali, most likely it doesn't mean anything but a passing errant dream he had one night.

John, that he spent hours of time and energy in putting it deliberately off-kilter, just to juxtapose it irreverently against the other 75% of the painting?

Verble, that's our Dali!

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