Friday, May 12, 2023

Overheard at Booth 4: The Guilty

The Guilty (2021)

This was a pleasant surprise.  

Also, I shouldn't read Rotten Tomatoes reviews, because this one time, I saw that the audience either loved this movie or hated it - no middle ground.  And the disparity lies wholly in the setting: the setting of the entire movie is a 911 call center and most every camera angle is focused on Jake Gyllenhall's face.  

So, as you may surmise, the people who didn't like it call it "boring! Fake! hates the police!" when really what they want to see is Speed, Rush, Ambulance, Fast and Furious 154, or John Wick 75.

But this is NOT "My Dinner with Andre" 

This is indeed an action flick.  The action simply takes place in the voices and the words and the inscrutability of Jake Gyllenhall's expression.

In short: Gyllenhall is a beat cop who, for some unknown reason, is stationed at a 911 call center and this is definitely NOT his forté.  People skills - ZERO.  Empathy and this character have never seemingly been in the same vicinity.plo

Then, he gets a call from a woman claiming to be abducted and is in a truck.  Then there are increasingly intense twists and turns that eventually turn the story on its head.

No this is not a visual movie.  Nothing is handed to you, as it is in, say, a Transformers movie.  You do have to put part of yourself into the action to visualize what is going on ... on that level, this movie almost has a feel of what pre-TV Radio programs must have felt like, and when  you can visualize the action through the voices and the dialogue, what plays out in your mind is most likely more more intimate and intense than anything they could have shown you onscreen.

The Guilty

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