Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Overheard at Table 1: Poem of the Day - Womb

Womb (a Poem from the Dad Who Didn't Meet You Until After You Were Born)


I would have liked to have met you
my lips placed against the walls
of your room,
hoping that you could
hear my voice, telling you

when it comes time to leave,
even though it may be cold
where you are going,

you will always have my arms
to keep you warm.



NOTE: This is the second write of the poem, because I couldn't find the first write, so I jotted this one down to be used as the poem at the end of the Dead Kandinskys song "Everbody's Favrite Place"

Upon thinking about the upcoming birthday of one of my children, I realized that I had not been there for the development of any of the three of them while they were in utero, neither the two children I raised from grade school, nor my biological son.

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