Thursday, April 22, 2021

Overheard at Booth 5: Why should I even try?

Why should I even try to continue writing?  Making songs?  Stories?  Poems?

I keep having to work "real" jobs ... and yes, I'm degreed, with a good paying job, and I am thankful for that, but I had two days between jobs - TWO FULL DAYS - and I could have used them to catch up on my music - songs that I'd been meaning to get to - poems that I had ideas for - stories.

But then on those days - my wife decides to work from home, so she not only uses the computer in the office, but I can't even write stories in peace in the other room because every 20 minutes (no exaggeration, I started counting), she called me in to check her spelling for emails to high management.

Then, today, when she goes off to a site visit (to be back by 11), I am trying to record a song, then my son comes down before 10 and needs me to help move the cars so he can get to work, and then when he's done, I'm thinking, "OK, they are both out of the house, daughter's still asleep, I can do this!"

And so I start recording a song and then what do I hear from the next room?  The washing machine!  Then she's knocking on the door, saying, "Dad I moved all your clothes to the basket hope you don't mind."

There are forces at work that prevent me from writing.

I think it's called, "Having a family"

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