Sunday, October 7, 2018

Overheard at Table 3: Kris and Mack

Mack: Had a dream about you last night.

Kris: Am I going to have to take you to HR for this?

Mack: No, it's not THAT kind of dream.  We were all at your house, early morning, it was still dark, and you have this detached garage.

Kris: I don't have a detached garage, but go on.

Mack: Anyway, there was someone rummaging around your garage and you were saying, "Be quiet.  I think it's my neighbor.  She's in a car in there.  You can hear the stereo."  And I said, "She's hiding in your garage?" and you said, "Yes," and I said, "Like a possum?"

Kris: Like a possum?

Mack:  That's EXACTLY how you replied in the dream and I said, "Yeah" and then your husband was there with a flashlight, trying to shine it in the window of the garage and you said, "Don't scare her" and then your mom came and opened the garage door and your neighbor said that she had been moving your Buick out of your garage every day for the past few weeks and parking her Buick there so she could get some peace and quiet before having to go to work.

Kris: In your dream we own a Buick?  What the hell do you think of me and my family?

Mack:  I dunno.  It was a Buick.  Anyway, your mom is then leading your neighbor away, saying something about taking her to get booked at the county jail, and then your son...

Kris: Kevin or Kenny?

Mack: Kenny.   He said, "Well, why doesn't she just come over every morning and walk our dog?  That way, she'll get peace and quiet and we'll get our dog walked!" and you said, "That's a good idea, buddy!" and that was the dream.

Kris: I don't know if I want to talk to you about my family issues any more.

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