Sunday, November 19, 2017

Overheard at Booth 3: Annual Review

Meg: He gave me a two on "interpersonal communication" because he said that I'm "too straight-forward" in how I talk to the Project Managers and they don't want to work with me.  I told him that if my boobs were balls, he 'd give me a four for "telling it straight-up with no spin."

Tom: And what did he do then.

Meg: To be honest, it looked like he might have wanted to agree with me, tear up the paper, and start it all over again, but he looked at the HR bitch who was right there, watching him, making sure he towed the company line.  So he just said, "You're lucky that you got the 'two' that you got."

Tom: Sucks.

Meg: No shit.  Boss is a big wuss, but HR is the real evil.  They could do something about it, but never do.  All those bitches just want to push paper, feel superior, and act like they're actually worth their salary.

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