Friday, September 30, 2016

Overheard at Table 2: Lucky and Otis Look on the Bright Side

Lucky: Y’know I’ve been thinking . . .


Otis: Never a good sign.


Lucky: . . . it really wouldn’t be totally bad if Trump becomes President.


Otis: Oh Lord.  And how’s that, you figure?


Lucky: Think of the literature that would be produced.  I mean, great literature is always fiormed in resistance to oppressive eras.  We’re still producing books and movies about the Holocaust – and the heroes of WW2.  Heck, there’s not a Spanish movie director alive that can set any movie outside of the Spanish civil war.  Terrible times, frankly, make for great art!


Otis: So basically you want Trump to be President so that people can make great movies and write great books?


Lucky: Hell no I don’t WANT him to be President!  I’m just saying that at the very least, we’d have some great literature that might come out of it.


Otis: Well, if he wins I’m going underground, so when the Trumpites take over and put you up against the wall, I’ll write you a damn fine eulogy, OK?


Lucky: You’re the best friend a guy could have!


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