Thursday, August 25, 2016

Overheard at the Counter: Gardening and Music (a Playlist)

My dear friends, yesterday a Trump Troll, rather than attempting to discuss important civic matters in a rational debate, simply told my friend PK and I to "go back to our gardening and music"

How she knows I garden I have no idea, because I do not garden.   Attempted many times, but the Associated for Decent Treatment to Flora sent me a letter begging me never to touch one of our green-leaved friends again.  Apparently the Chrysanthemums accused me of abuse, the Pansies said I engage in hate crimes, and the Avacado trees tried to drag me before the World Court to be held accountable for genocide.  Suffice it to say, gardening is not my forte.

However, the Trump Troll did inspire me to cobble together a list of songs about gardening and music.  OK, songs that have "garden" in the title.   But here you go friends, get out your trowels, your top soil, your guitars bass & drums, and ENJOY!

ARTIST: The Various Artists
ALBUM TITLE: Go Back to Your Gardening and Music

Lawnmower Deth
"Lawnmowers for Heroes Comics for Zeroes"

"The Garden was Crowded and Outside"

The Dentists
"Strawberries are Growing in my Garden (and It's Wintertime)"

Einsturzende Neubauten
"The Garden"

John Denver
"The Garden"

This one goes out to CARRIBETH
The Beatles
"Octopus's Garden"
[no YouTube video available - DARN YOU YOUTUBE!!]

This one is dedicated with much love to HEALING MUSE
Tangerine Dream
"Zen Garden"

Merril Bainbridge
"Garden in my Room"

The Explosive
"Who Planted Thorns in Miss Alice's Garden"

"Gardening at Night"

Pink Floyd
"The Grand Vizier's Garden Party"

This last one has been my favourite for decades, and we will fade out the day with this...
Rick Nelson
"Garden Party"

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