Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Overheard at Table 3: Kids These Days

Writer 1: Four Dads.

Writer 2: Four Dads?  What?

Writer 1: New plot arc.  The twins can have four dads.

Writer 2: Megan gets married two more times?

Writer 1: No, we have Jacob turning gay and marrying some guy.  That'll give the twins their bio dad and a step dad.  Megan's already shacking up with Jaime and we know he's pansexual.   So basically he demands that Megan have a sex change so that he can have sex with her as a man.

Writer 2: Why would he want to have sex with her as a man?  Why can't he just go out with other guys.  She's already OK with his wanting to do everything in sight.

Writer 1: Yeah, but he wants to try monogamy.  So he wants Megan to trans into a man so that he can fulfill his homosexual desires.

Writer 2: So he's going to make her - what? - trans back and forth?

Writer 1: Yeah, something like that.

Writer 2: Jaime's all twisted.  Why doesn't he just trans into a woman for Megan?

Writer 1: That's what I was thinking for next season.  Megan likes being a man so much she doesn't want to go back, so Jaime transitions into a woman.

Writer 2: and then at some point we have the twins looking at each other, shaking their heads, and saying "Kids these days!"

Writer 1: Exactly!  The parents are the kids and the kids are the parents.   People love that shit!

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