Thursday, January 21, 2016

Overheard at Table 1: Interviews are like Dating . . . or Naww.

Lucky Moran: Interviews are a lot like dating.

Otis Redwing: How so?

Lucky Moran: Well, they’re all about getting to know each other.  And if you like each other, it can lead to a relationship.  A relationship where this person gives you a 5 or 6 figure salary, health coverage, possible IRA, maybe stock options.   And dating, you get someone who might make you laugh, might give you sex, maybe both, maybe neither.  So . . .  maybe interviews aren’t really like dating at all!

Otis Redwing: I dunno.  I’ve had interviews where they made me laugh.

Lucky Moran: Oh wow!  I swear I thought you were gonna say you had interviews where they gave you sex.

Otis Redwing: Those too.

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