Sunday, December 20, 2015

Overheard at Table 4: Vampire Academy (2014)

This movie is pretty much what you would it expect it to be: a mashup of Twilight and Harry Potter.   It centers around two college girls, one who is a vampire princess and the other is in training to be her protector.  These vampires are magical.  They are trained at the academy.  You have a royal bloodline, you have "regular" vampires, you have a human class that is trained to be the protectors, and you have your super-bad psychotic bloodthirsty vampires who are always trying to break in and kill kill kill.

Being a teen flick, you throw in some teen angst:  "Why was I born like this?" "Why do I have these feelings?" "What do I have to be the princess?"

All of it would be pretty much drivel, but our main character makes it somewhat worthwhile.  She's feisty, sarcastic, and even though she is not very believable as a bodyguard (her limbs are about as sturdy as toothpicks), she does have some decent lines and pulls them off the the best of the actress's ability.

My wife and I saw a part of this movie during our trip to Maine.  It was cute enough to warrant our half-attention as we were getting ready that morning in the hotel room, and so we watched it in full when we returned home.  It's a pleasant hour and a half if you have ice cream and nothing better to do on a Saturday evening.

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