Thursday, August 27, 2015

Overheard at Table 1: Anchor Babies

Arman: Are we REALLY having this discussion about anchor babies?   Heard on the radio the other day this lady was really going on about how "illegals" come here to have babies so they can get social services.   And what really made this different is that she didn't sound like a freaking wingnut.  She was making a rational argument.

Juli: A lot of people are making that argument.  They're all nucking futs.

Arman: But when you've got a rational one, that's even more dangerous.   For me I just wanted to call up that radio station and tell them, 'Listen you morons.  People fuck.  People fuck a LOT.  People are getting it on all the time.  And women from Latin countries are coming from countries where the men demand it constantly.  Hell, a quinceaƱera is just a celebration that a girl has reached her 15th birthday withOUT getting pregnant. THAT's how much they do it.   So LAY OFF the rhetoric.

Juli: Arman, women let themselves get pregnant for all kinds of reasons.  Usually women get pregnant just to keep their man around.  I think anybody talking about illegals wanting anchor babies also needs to talk about good old Americans - white, black, brown, whatever - who have babies just to try to keep their men from leaving them.  

Arman: So we're all anchor babies, then?

Juli: In a way, yes.

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