Saturday, May 16, 2015

Overheard at Booth 3: Dever Dodd and Clare O'Casey Discuss Crusades and Missionaries

Dever Dodd says, "The thing about people who hate Christianity, I mean really really hate Christianity, is that they always bring up the Crusades.  I mean, Man, come on!  The Crusades?  Like we're still paying for shit that people did centuries ago?"

Clare O'Casey says, "Like white people guilt over slavery?"

Dever Dodd replies, "Exactly!  But that's a whole 'nother story.  All I read on Twitter is 'Crusades!  Believe in Christ or we kill you!' - which means these guys don't understand either one - Christ OR the Crusades."

Clare O'Casey says, "Well, they were pretty brutal, and it's right there in the bloody name - Cross, CRUS-ades.  Crusades MEANS Cross.  Cross of Christ.  You can't separate the two."

Dever Dodd says, "Still doesn't take away from the fact that it was still a land grab.  Nothing but a land grab.  It was all about money and power.  Which means it's about as far away from Christ as any non-believer.   What really peeves me to the bone is that they never once talk about all the missionaries who quit their jobs and sell off their homes to go to Africa to build wells for villages or take medicine to people in El Salvador or work in the orphanages in Brazil - none of that.  These guys NEVER mention the fact that these people go do this because they are following Jesus Christ.

Clare O'Casey replies, "I think people know it, but they say that the bad overrides the good."

Dever Dodd retorts, "People just enjoy tearing stuff down more than they like building stuff up.  EXCEPT for missionaries!  They're out there building, helping, caring.  That, to me, is a REAL crusade!"

Clare shrugs, takes a sip of her latte, and says quietly, "Bad news is just more interesting than good news.  Good news is boring.  People only care about missionaries whenever they get their heads chopped off in Iraq or blown away by Mexican cartels in Reynosa."

Dever Dodd agrees.  "Sad, but true."

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