Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Overheard at Table 3: When Sharks Attack

Billy: ' bout that time of year.

Joe: Yup.

Jim: Yup.

Bob: Shark attacks.

Billy: Got some guy last month.

Joe: Weren't the shark's fault, though.

Jim: It was the guy's fault.

Bob: The shark had been hooked on a fishing line.

Billy: Made the shark reasonably upset.

Joe: Irritated, you might say.

Jim: Enough to kill.

Bob: What's a shark know about right and wrong?

Billy: That's supposed to be our purview.

Joe: Cut the shark some slack?

Jim: Slack on the line, definitely.

Bob: Probably not a good idea to be fishing for shark off the end of a pier.

Billy: I should text my nephew and let him know that.

Joe: Be a good idea.

Jim: Before he becomes shark bait.

Bob: Always good to end on a little note of irony.

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