Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Overread at Booth 1: Lome Togo

- hey, look at the email I just got.   I can't believe people still be doing this kind of bullcrap! ...

Good afternoon,

My name is Barrister Alfred Morris, I am prime consultant and financial organization

here in Lome Togo Republic , apologies for informal contact, but

given the urgency of the situation was no other way , I contacted

You for something that will be of great interest / benefit to you in respect of

I sent this letter to you a month ago, but I 'm not sure if you got it, I have not heard from

You , and this is the reason I say it again.

I'm doing this for you to offer in connection with

death, which was my client before his death, leaving some huge amount of money from

7500000 dollars in the bank

Please if you are the actual owner of this email address , please come back to me

as soon as possible for additional disclosure .


Barrister  Alfred Morris

- dude, does anybody really fall for that anymore?

- I guess so.  Otherwise they wouldn't keep doin it.

- that is just freaked.

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