Monday, March 31, 2014

Overheard at Table 3: Parenting and the Apostle Paul

A dad:  You know that part in Romans where Paul is writing about how he always does what he doesn't want to do and doesn't do what he wants to do?    Well, that's just like being a parent of a teenager.   I swear, every single day I go home and I tell myself  "Today I will NOT yell at the kids.   Today I am going to love them and hold them and tell them that they are good kids"  and what happens the instant I walk through the door?   I mean that INSTANT!  

Suddenly I'm yelling at them "why didn't you clean your room?  why in the name of God are you flunking English?  Stop hitting your brother!  Stop talking back to your mom!   whaddaya mean you broke off your sideview mirror backing out of the garage?!"

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