Saturday, March 2, 2013

Overheard at the Counter: Song of the Day

The song for March 2, 2013 is

Van Halen
Could This Be Magic?

Van Halen's version of a pub ballad.   Shows fantastic acoustic guitar work by Eddie, who - don't laugh now - would have made a fantastic classical guitarist.    I can imagine him playing anything by Tárrega ... I can hear his rapid fire style just bringing those pieces to new fire!

MR says, "OK Verble if you stop doing my job, here, and lemme gittdownta bizness, I got some lines you want me to penscribe here, so . . .

If I told you I sailed out tomorrow,
Would your eyes they fill with such sorrow
That you would bring me a beer
And sit beside me, my dear,
And present me your maidenhead to borrow?

[a pause a the café]

Verble: That's terrible!

MR: Wha - !

Verble: "maidenhead to borrow."  You don't borrow a maidenhead - you take it -

Lucky Moran: . . . and for a limerick it doesn't scan at ALL.

MR: What do you know?!  Philistine!   The narrator is ASKING to borrow it - that don' make no pretense that izz actually real.   He knowzzit - but the GIRL don' knowzzit!   See?

Verble: I don't care.   I'm not paying you for that.

MR:  You never payzme anywayz!

Verble:  [walking to the back] Still doesn't scan right.

MR: [mimicking]  'still duzznt scan right'  - everybuddy's a critic!

Lucky: Well, he's right.   Here.  Run it by me again . . .

Otis Redwing:  If you wanna turn it into a pub ballad, you could give it a refrain, something like "Sail away with someone's daughter"

Lucky:  Dude - that's part of the song.

Otis: Hey, don't get bent.  I'M not the poet here - HE is!   and right now it looks like he's chewing the counter.

The Barista comes down the counter with a rag and a new mocha and says, "As Oscar Wilde once wrote 'a poet can survive anything but a misprint'"

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