Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Overheard at Table 2

1: If I tell you something, you promise you won't think I'm crazy?

2: I already think you're crazy, so you might as well just tell me.

1: Well, this is something I've been thinking for about half my life, and I never really thought I could ask anybody, but have you ever noticed bathroom walls?

2: How really am I supposed to answer that?

1: Honestly. Answer it honestly.

2: Well, of course. Every guy's noticed bathroom walls. I mean, when European, that's what you're looking at.

1: Yeah! Right! And you know every wall's got it's own texture and stuff, right?

2: Pretty much, yeah.

1: Well . . . do you ever see . . . shapes?

2: Like, what do you mean?

1: I mean, like shapes in the texture?

2: What kind of shapes?

1: Just different things. I see different shapes in different textures. Always different things, like lion's heads, trees, flying pterodactyls, sometimes I see what looks like Samurai in those old Japanese watercolors. Just different stuff.

2: Yeah, I suppose I can imagine that.

1: I've never really known if that's just the sign of creativity, or if I'm just nuts.

2: I suppose that could be a sign of creativity.

1: Yeah, I was hoping so.

2: Now, when those shapes ever start TALKING to you, well, that's would be a sign of a serious freakin' problem, lemmetellya!

1: . . .

. . . uh, I gotta go.

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