Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Overheard at the Counter: White Anxiety

After listening to white racist tv (AKA Fox News) commentator Laura Ingraham spew bullshit about how the "America we know and love" no longer exists because of "illegal and legal immigration," combined with the rising legitimacy of White Supremacists in the USA, Mel Brooks' song "High Anxiety" came to mind.

Especially since news outlets have now legitimized racism by calling racism by a name specifically designed to make racism palatable to their viewers.  "White Anxiety"

As though we are to have some sort of sympathy for those who already have a greater advantage, simply by the nature of their melanin content.

Mel Brooks

Mel Brooks, arranged by John Morris

High anxiety whenever you're near -
High anxiety - it's you that I fear.
My heart's afraid to fly - it's crashed before ...
But then you take my hand;
My heart starts to soar once more.

High anxiety ... it's always the same;
High anxiety ... it's you that I blame.
It's very clear to me I've got to give in.
High anxiety: you win.

White Anxiety
by Verble Gherulous
inspired by Trump and the Magats, 2018

White Anxiety, whenever they’re near
White Anxiety, it’s them that I fear
They take our jobs away, they move right in
They take our daughters hand
So they can breed more – and MORE!

White Anxiety, they all look the same
White Anxiety, it’s them that I blame
It’s white genocide by black and brown pride
White Anxiety, we’ll die!

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