Saturday, December 30, 2017

Overheard at Table 2: Lucky and Otis Discuss Being Men of a Certain Age

Otis: I don't even know why you're even bringing this up.

Lucky:  Well, you know, a guy's gotta cover all bases.

Otis: Well, even so, you won't have THIS base covered.   

Lucky: That's what I'm saying!  If my wife died or left me, I'd never know if a chick was really into me.  I mean, how could I ever be sure?

Otis: If a chick was into you, you can be sure it would be for you.  Chicks who aren't the woman who built a life with a guy are only into a guy if he's good looking or has money.

Lucky:  Right.  Someone they think that can give them security.   And even women who helped a guy build his fortune is probably only in it for the money if the guy's not good looking, because that money is also HER money.

Otis: Right.  Which is why it would suck to have to start over, to be sure.

Lucky: But it wouldn't be too hard to tell for both of us.  Because if a chick was into either of us, it would have to be for our personalities, because we ain't rich and neither of us are that good looking any more.

Otis: Speak for yourself, homie.

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