Saturday, November 26, 2011

Overheard at Table 4: Computer Snogs

I swear, I had my sister in law over this weekend and she's all torked that she can't connect using her iPad, because I'm not on wi-fi, I go through my cable/phone provider, and she wanted to share my work iPad network, and I'm like 'I can't let you on my work network - that's a proprietary thing," and she can use the laptop like whenever she wants, but she's all 'I only want to use MY iPad! I just can NOT USE a laptop! Especially if it's running Vista or Windows 7!"

And then my daughter was working on it, and she's suddenly like, "Like what version of Windows IS this, Dad?" and I tell her "It's 2003" and she's all "You need to get modern - at school we're using Word 2010." And she's not doing anything more than printing out a thank you letter for her aunt to take back to the other aunts - all she's doing is just two quick sentences and a print! Word 2003 works just fine for that! She doesn't NEED 07 or 10 or whatever! Heck, for what she's doing she could use Notepad, for goodness sake!

I tell ya, are some people addicted to their specifics or am I just out of touch? I say, if it works, it works, and if I need to upgrade, I'll upgrade, but I'm not going out to buy and $80 router for wi-fi when I don't need to and I'm sure not buying Office 2010 just to feed Microsoft's greed!

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