Saturday, November 26, 2011

Overheard at Booth 3

We are ugly, ugly people.

We pepper spray each other over $30 cellphones and trample each other for Nintendo Wii's.

Seeing a flood of people all wanting to spend their money, a giant ocean of thrashing bodies with wrapped packages, it just churns your stomach.

Whenever we see other people in the world in such conditions, it's generally because their rioting against military dictatorships, or trying to get food - or water.

We riot to buy crap.

We stomp on each other to buy crap.

We shoot each other, pepper spray each other, beat each other's heads into the stone floor - all just to buy CRAP!

We are ugly, ugly people. And I am thankful for Black Friday, because it reveals us for what we are. Now, I would be even more thankful if all of America would take a good long hard look in this mirror and CHANGE INTO SOMETHING BETTER!!!!!

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