Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Overheard at Table 1: Christmas Wrapping


While the Donnas did a fair remake of this classic, the Waitresses still take the cake, as it were, for the absolute coolest quasi-anti-Christmas song ever. What's so excellent about this song is that it has so much more soul than other bland, bland Christmas songs (like All I Want for Christmas is You, blech!) and it totally describes the feelings of somebody who just can't get into the Christmas spirit . . . and then ends with a chance meeting, of another person in the same dismal position of having no plans whatsoever, and BAM! total turnaround.

Basically, it turns a Bah Humbug into a "OK, that's cool" moment. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! This is one of the very few secular Christmas tunes that can actually be considered part of a Christmas Carol Canon.

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