Saturday, November 12, 2011

Overheard at Booth 4: Immortals

Wife: So, what'd you think of the movie?

Husband: It was all right.

Wife: Just all right?

Husband: Yeah, it was a little gory.

Wife: If it wasn't for that one sex scene, we could let the kids see it.

Husband: Let the kids see it? The thing was a gore fest, there were at least three throats slit with blood pouring out, there were massive decapitations, blood and guts smashed all over the walls, people split completely in half, eyes couged out with thumbs, and total carnage throughout the whole two hours!

Wife: Yeah, but the sex scene will just give them ideas about doing stuff we don't want them to do.

[a few sips of coffee. a relaxed silence. relaxed silences which are uncomfortable for daters and newleyweds, but which are a welcome comfort for those who have been married for a relative while]

Wife: Besides, that Theseus guy was hot.

Husband: So was Phaedra.

Wife: That was a body double.

Husband: When?

Wife: When she was naked. I read it on my phone when I was looking up the movie. That wasn't her naked. That was a body double.

Husband: Then they were both hot.

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