Thursday, November 17, 2011

Overheard at Booth 3: Ninth Gate

Johnny Depp and Roman Polanski

Dang can Roman make a movie, man I don't care if he was under house arrest for something he did in the 70's, which yeah I admit he probably should stand trial for, but dang, he can still make a movie, this one was all subtle and dark and slightly burned around the edges, but I have to admit his ONE downfall as a director is this insipid desire to cast his current girlfriend as the lead in every movie, because I have never seen a one of 'em what could act!

Seriously! I suppose one of the carrying forwards of this movie was Johnny Depp, but then that guy could recite the phone book and make it sound either hilarious, mysterious, creepy, or existential, all depending on whatever character a director wanted at the time. And I have to say that Lena Olin played a darn good femme fatale - with claws and everything!

Couldn't really understand the ending, though, did he open the 9th gate or what? Dang, he opened SOME gate, that's fer sure! Heh heh, but really, we're looking for the book for two hours, which I have to tell you, just for the shots of these massive personal libraries with these books that are hundreds of years old,

for a bibliphile, that will leave your mouth watering. Oh, to have bookcases like those! Makes your heart downright ACHE!

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