Friday, April 16, 2010

Overheard at Booth 5

Charles: So, remind me, you're a revolutionary, as in like one of the original revolutionaries, right?

Don Thomas: I'm a constitutionalist, yes.

Charles: Well, I'm kind of upset about something that happened recently and I want to ask your opinion, but I don't want you to get all peeved and try to strangle me or anything, OK?

Don: I'm not gonna promise anything! But you can ask me whatever you want.

Charles: OK, so you heard about the governor of Virginia naming this month as Confederate Soldier month . . .

Don: Go on.

Charles: Well, everyone's upset and lambasted him for talking about the Civil War without mentioning slavery, and I was upset on a completely different point. You see, slavery wasn't the main point of the war, although we've all been taught that it was, and if you take that the main point of the war was the preservation of the Union, I am against anything that promotes the disunification of the United States, and since the Confederacy wanted to destroy the Union, I don't think any state should be allowed to celebrate that.

Don: Well, you see, that's where you're wrong, because the Confederacy WAS defending the Constitution, they were defending their rights of sovereignty under the Constitution, but that's another point that I'll have to explain to you some other time when I've got more time, but let me just remind you about the main point that a soldier honors a soldier, no matter what side they're on . . .

Verble [approaching the table with the coffee carafe]: . . . and regardless of whatever you may think of their reasons, they WERE still American soldiers, whether they wanted to secede or not, they were all Americans.

Charles: Yeah, I suppose I can see it on that face, when you put it like that. But still, in this climate, this year, I think it's really important to defend the UNITED states.

Don: That's only if it's worth defending.

Charles: Uh oh, now you're getting into your militia stance. Didn't you say you had to get somewhere?

Don: Ah, now you're just trying to duck and cover. [gets up] Don't worry, we'll continue THIS discussion real soon!

Charles [lifting mug to lips - mutters]: Can't wait.

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