Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Overheard at Booth 1

1: Personally I think there's nothing wrong with it - Arizona's just trying to crack down on human traficking.

2: Hardly! they just want a reason for any cop to stop any car driven by any person who remotely looks Hispanic.

1: No, really, I heard on the radio that there are "drop houses" in Phoenix, where these coyotes will put 30 illegals in a room, tied all up together, and won't let them out until someone pays for them.

3: What I heard is that if they don't have the $1400 going rate for the trip, then they have to carry the coyotes drugs on them.
2: Well, that one was something Rush said, and he's about as sane as the March Hare in that Alice in Wonderland that just came out with Johnny Depp, and while I'd have to say I need more info on that drop house issue, I still say that this is simply a way for the Arizona police force to harass Hispanics. I mean, the law is so broad, they can stop you for any reason.

3: What's the big deal, they can stop us too, and we don't look Hispanic!

1: Yeah, YOU look like Tiger Woods!

3: Right, and so they'll be stopping me anyway! I've always boycotted Arizona, don't see why that Mayor of San Francisco thinks he's got such a bright new idea!

2: Yeah, but then, you of anyone here at this table should be on the side of people getting stopped just because of the way they look.

3: But there's a difference, these guys are ILLEGAL. That's the operative word here, and things are getting hot in Arizona . . .

1: Isn't that the point of being in a desert?

3: You know what I mean! Listen, they've got crime going on down there, major human traficking, major drug traficking, they've got break-ins, carjackings, and now some rancher gets shot to death by one of these drug dealers, it's a mess.

1: That's why I'm saying, they've got to get tough, just for their own security.

2: Yeah, so why don't they just start stopping everybody?

1: Why don't they?

2: Then they've got something called . . . oh yeah - a POLICE STATE!

3: Hey, if it saves lives, and anyway, the Feds sure aren't helping out. I mean, I sure love my President and all, but he can call the law "misguided" all he wants, but it doesn't stop the fact that we needed to do something like this for years, and they haven't done squat.

1: Seriously, he should have tackled this long before he tried to go all the way on health care. Now they won't ever agree on nothin'!

2: I'll give you that. The Feds should have done something about it, but you know, just a few days ago, I heard the minority leader saying something about this latest crap they're arguing over, and he said something that really stuck with me, he said something about not being able to agree with "our friends on the other side." and you know, while at least he used the word "friends" . . .

1: Which is a euphamism for something entirely different!

2: . . . I found myself yelling at the radio "You guys aren't on different sides! You're on the same side! You're working for us!"

3: No they're not.

2: But they should be! And they won't ever be unless they get over this "my side/your side" crap.

1: and THAT's why the borders are leaking like a sieve.

3: Along with my confidence!

2: Oh, man, I just had a sick idea! . . . some channel's gonna come out with another reality show, like COPS, and it's gonna be called Arizona ICE !!

1: Actually, that might not be a bad idea. We should pitch it to Rob.

3: I think I've had that before - doesn't taste too bad, you know, for tea in a can.

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