Friday, April 9, 2010

Overheard in Booth 5

Man: and don't go down to any of the Texas border towns, they're killing everybody down there.

Woman: I heard that Juarez was bad . . .

Man: Laredo, Juarez, all of them, just don't go there. They're even killing whites now, too. Ain't no reason to go. If you ever wanna go anywhere in Mexico just get a plane out of Dallas going to Cancun, but other than that, just forget it.

Woman: I hadn't ever really wanted to go to Mexico anyway.

Man: Well, Cancun's nice, but nowhere else, especially in Texas.

Woman: Belize, I might like to go to Belize.

Man: Belize is great, that's only an hour and a half from Bush Intercontinental in Houston . . .

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