Tuesday, April 6, 2010

At the Counter: The Difference (Then and Now)

One of the neat things about Then and Now is the compare/contrast, and Verble thinks it's good for the emotional health of the culture at large to be apprised of when certain odious segments of society appropriate time-honored traditions to further their personal, yet unethical, aims.

Let's review:


He fought to kick out an oppressive government who wanted us to work for THEM.

This is a RACIST

He's fighting to kick out foreign people who want to come and work for US.

Part Two:

They were NOT fighting against taxes - they were angry about a tax being imposed by the taxOR without the taxEE having a voice in the government.


They have representation. It's just that their representation has told them to go out and scream at the top of their lungs rather than lobby (and vote) for positive change.

Let's go over that again . . . the original Tea Party was not against taxes - it was against the people not having a say in the taxes.

We have a say in the taxes. Again, what did I just say? WE HAVE A SAY - WE HAVE REPRESENTATION

We just need to vote better, become a more informed electorate, and READ READ READ READ READ READ READ everything that we can get our hands on, instead of just mindlessly following the vitriol of hate radio and Fox News.

Now, finally, if anybody wants to have a have a REAL Tea Party, one that honors our tradition instead of stomping on it, then I say let's have a Tea Party like:

Ah! Now that's Verble's idea of a Tea Party!

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