Sunday, April 25, 2010

Alice in Wonderland (2010)

I love 3-D movies, just love 'em. Can't get enough of 'em - you know, there's people out there saying that we might be suffering a glut of 3-D movies, because the industry's getting hammered with more quick to DVD/BluRay releases and Internet uploads and what not, so what I've read is that they're investing more in 3-D because they can get more of a head for ticket. Personally, I think it's because more people will pay for the 3-D experience because right now you can only get that experience in the theatre.

And it's true, look - for my money (what I shell out for the family for a movie, and then the ensuing concessions, is generally the amount at any fine restaurant) the movie theatre needs to show me something spectacular, something grandiose, an experience I can only get on the big screen. I'm talking explosions, I'm talking things flying out of the screen at your head, I'm talking space battles and flights through mountain ranges. Things like Iron Man and Avatar . . . stuff like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and any sort of chick flick, those can wait for family or date night at the house.

That's why I didn't mind seeing Alice in Wonderland twice. Actually I was suckered into it, because the wife and I went to see it one weekend when the kids were out of town, and now the wife's gone on business for two weeks and so the kids suckered me into seeing it again. I was going to go straight for the non-3D but that wasn't showing for another hour so I shelled out the bucks yet again (but made them pay for the popcorn!) and I have to tell you it was just as good second time around. Plot's a little thin in places, but the idea's wonderful . .. especially merging the Jabberwocky with the Alice's Adventures (both of which should be required reading in middle school, by the way!) and Depp and Bonham Carter, magnificent as always! I'm telling you, it's definitely a must-see in 3-D, simply because of the scenery, the sets. Sure, it'll still be spectacular on family movie nights, but in 3-D at the theatre - man, there's nothing better.

And the Cheshire Cat . . . well, let's just say he steals the show!

Tim Burton, again I take my hat off to you . . . and I am so rather fond of that hat!

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