Friday, May 7, 2021

Overheard at Table 4: Binaca Espinaca

Lucky: I got a great idea.

Otis: No you don't.

Lucky: You haven't even heard it yet.

Otis: Don't need to.  Your ideas usually suck.

Lucky: Binaca Espinaca!

Otis: What. The.  Hell.

Lucky: Binaca Espinaca ... a breath freshener, marketed to vegans.

Otis: Why would vegans want their breath to smell like spinach?

Lucky: Doesn't it already?  But this way, they can keep fresh all day.

Otis: I can see it now:  "Lucky Moran tanks million dollar company with worst selling flavor in the history of the breath-freshener history."

Lucky: You simply don't have any vision.

[NOTE: the genesis of this tidbit was found in an old notebook, dated 2002-0703]

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