Thursday, May 13, 2021

Overheard at Table 3: Billie Stan?

So I wake up this morning to see something trending on Twitter about #billiestanemergencymeeting and when I look at these things I can never really understand what's going on but this one seemed to be a bunch of people reacting to Billie NOT speaking out about some social issue and blowing her off for being a spoiled white girl and I am thinking to myself look, it's not like I like Billie Eilish all that much anyway, I mean, I really don't see the hype, but I just find it silly that she's famous for all about what, a few months, and now she's being taken down?  for ... NOT saying something?  Like, people are not only going to tear apart celebrities for what they DO say but now for what they DON'T say?

Why don't we just put celebrities in their proper place to begin with?  Which is, just listen to their music and watch their movies but not follow them on social media or read about them in tabloid articles and just generally ignore them like we ignore every other human who crosses our path on any given day?



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