Saturday, May 1, 2021

Overheard at Booth 4: Wandering Thoughts

It is a strange feeling, this feeling of being somewhere yet nowhere at the same time.  The feeling that you need to be helping her through this grief, and yet she is nowhere near me.  It is as though she has traveled to some far foreign land, somewhere beyond communication, somewhere beyond reach.  

How far to wander, she has, in search of her lost mother, in search of that which tied her so tightly to this world.  How far to wander.  I too, have made that quest, that journey.  Decades ago.  I barely returned, and I don't think ever fully.

Will I be the lighthouse, then?  Some beacon shining on the edge of the land, sending light to lead her home?

Will she see it?  Or is she already too far out there, beyond the horizon, beyond the place where sunrises follow sunsets and beyond where the moon chases away all our dreams?

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