Sunday, February 19, 2023

Overheard at Table 2: Satan's Bullets

This one was inspired by a post, which may or may not have been satirical, in which a male apparently tries to make the point that tampons take away virginity, and thus lead to sinful lifestyles.


Might seem like a piece of cotton
But you know there’s something rotten
Don’t pull that string, girl, whatver you do,
Devil’s gonna pull the wool over you

Satan’s Bullets
Shooting right into you
Satan’s Bullets
Give you AIDs and the Clap and the GOO

It might seem like something so simple
Given to girls who are shy
But when you use  those Satan’s bullets
you know you make Jesus Cry

Satan’s Bullets
Shoot right into you
Satan’s Bullets
Don’t use them girl whatever you do!
Satan’s Bullets


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