Thursday, February 16, 2023

Overheard at Table 1: Lunches

Did you have a good lunch?

I tell you what my lunches are these days.  These days, I go to Buc-EE's and I have one banana and a kolache.  The kolache is really bad, I know.  But I balance it out with the healthy of the banana.

A well-balanced meal is always good.

I tell you, in Italy, I used to go every day for lunch at this vegan place.  It was called vegan, but it wasn't really vegan, but they brought food in every day from their own farm, every vegetable in season.   It was good, healthy ... and cheap.  It was wonderful food.  

And now, you eat a kolache and a banana.

Yes ... *sigh*

Bienvenuti ai Estati Uniti.

Not the right way to say it, but I know what you mean.


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