Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Overheard at Booth 3: The Luck of the Maintenance Guy

 ... we hired a new maintenance guy.  Had to relocate him from Lubbock.  HR says that they nearly rescinded the offer because it took him so long to get the drug screen.  He kept saying that he kept going to the place to take the test and they were always closed.

But finally he got it in, and we promised to pay him back for his hotel while he was relocating.  At first we we thought we got a deal because he got a place for $200 ... a WEEK!  Hadn't heard of that in years.  We were joking that he obviously got a hotel with an hourly rate.

Then it turns out he says his debit card got ripped off, so he needed cash to pay the place.  We figured that was the price you pay for staying in a place like that, but we got a receipt from the hotel and paid him back.  

Now today, he didn't show up all day.  Says that he was on his way to work and his suspension gave out, so his truck was in the shop all day.   He was able to stop by and pick up his check, though.

Seems to be some really bad luck.  I just don't know if the bad luck is on him ... or on us for hiring him!

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