Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Overheard at Table 4: A Review of 90s Albums

After an online discussion regarding a poll of 90s albums, in which Wildflowers challenged Nevermind for the top spot, several people commented that Tom Petty was for geriatrics and other argued that Petty was superlative to Cobain, and then there was a discussion about whether voting should be upon personal taste or cultural significance.

I decided then to listen to the three of the top polled albums, in order, for my own personal impressions.

Here are my notes:

Into the Great Wide Open


Top tracks: Learning to Fly/The Dark of the Sun/Kings Highway

A good album to end college years, setting off into the world

Generally a solid album to play while drinking beer with buddies in the park



        Top tracks: Teen/Lithium/Polly

The manifesto of disaffected youth – end of the Reagan years, economic uncertainty.

However, last half begins to sag under its own weight.  And for all the hype of this being a turning point in music, it sounds like early 80s The Replacements with a bit more distortion and flange.



Top tracks: Wildflowers/Crawling Back to You/Time to Move On

About two or three songs could have been cut from this album to make it a perfect album.

This is a good one for a road trip.  

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