Saturday, August 14, 2021

Overheard at Table 4: Beckett (2021)


Spoiler: Alicia Vikander gets killed off early on in this film, so don't be sad.  It's not really about her anyway, it's about her boyfriend, who gets chased by a bunch of really bad dudes (another spoiler alert: they're straight up Nationalists i.e. Euro-racists)

Full of action.  Full of great scenery.  Love the fact that we've got some regular bloke being forced into being an action hero.  Vicky Krieps is also very good here as the protestor who tries to help him, but gets more than she bargained for.

Don't expect all that much in the realm of believability, but hey, it's an action film, so just sit back and have fun.  And try not to let it turn you off of vacationing in the Mediterranean.

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