Thursday, August 19, 2021

Overheard at Table 4: Wictims (81-86)


81. Michael Anderson.   Always bragged that he could kill any man with just a ball point pen.  Unfortunately for him, he had neglected to bring a ball point pen with him this day.

82. Lambert Griffin.  Favorite place he’s ever been is Iran, because the people are really friendly and the women are the most beautiful in the world.  Worst place he’s ever been is Saudi Arabia, where there is nothing to do except eat in the hotel restaurant, the Saudis are arrogant and always yelling at you, and you can’t tell if the women are beautiful or not because they’re covered from head to toe.

83. Charlie Pruitt.  Finds it hard to believe that he gave up a really good sales job to end it all like this.

84. Timmy Hawthorn.  When he saw Shannon Creek (No. 10) get killed, he thought that he would go and take care of her cats for her.  Now?  Well, looks like the cats are on their own.

85. Indus Morgan.  His parents always talk about the time they dropped him on his head when he was a child.  They even told that to every date he brought home as a teenager.  He stopped bringing people around his parents and hasn’t spoken to them since he was 19.

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