Friday, August 6, 2021

Overheard at Booth 3: Wicktims (76-80)


... continuing the most incredible collection of death hits by the monstrous killing machine that is John Wick...

76. Kerry Moss.  He likes the way his Guatemalan girlfriend says is name like “queremos,” which can either mean “we want ________”  or “we love _________,” depending on context.

77. Scott Schultz.  Was secretly taking dancing lessons in order to improve his coordination.

78. Steven Villa.   Has a crush on Ross Kendrick (No. 44).  Never had a chance to tell him.

79. Gianluca Bonello.   Had a crush on a girl, then she married him.  Now, the crush is over.  All he feels now … is crushed.

80. Jake Maresca.    Honest to God, if his wife wouldn’t piss him off, he wouldn’t have to hit her like he does.

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