Friday, August 20, 2021

Overheard at Table 3: Wicktims (86-90)


86. Ezra Carruthers.   Likes to go to the swimming pool in his apartment complex and watch all the girls.  Especially the young girls.  He has convinced himself that since all he does is watch and never touch, then it’s OK.

87. Lyn Wolseley.  Ex-wife never lets him see the kids whenever his child support is late, which he thinks is bullshit, but his lawyer is dragging his feet on trying to get that sorted out.

88. Michael O’Brien.  He always considered himself an NPR listener in a world full of AM Talk Radio.

89. Jeff Morgan.  He understands about being mad about the dog.  Someone killed his dog once, and he also sought revenge.  He wishes he could have been able to say that to John Wick, but the words didn’t make it past his slit throat.

90. Greg “Dino” Hofstedder.  Had a Miles Davis album, a bottle of Red, and his neighbor’s wife waiting for him back home.

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