Sunday, April 4, 2021

Overheard at Booth 5: Easter Argument

Wife: You left me standing there, looking like an idiot.

Husband: The Praise Team just wanted one picture.  One picture.  Took like - 30 seconds!

Wife: I'd been following you around all over the sanctuary, looking like some stupid groupie. Do you know how EMBARRASSING that is!

Husband: Honey, I'm sorry, OK I'm sorry!  Won't happen again,.

Wife: This always happens when you get on a Praise Team.  It's always about the music and never about me.

Husband: It's not about either of us ... it's about HIM.

Wife: Oh don't bring Jesus into this!  You know very well you just like shining like a star!

Husband: Yeah, baby .. in a church band.  Cuz we KNOOOWWWW that's where all the fame and fortune is!


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