Thursday, April 8, 2021

Overheard at Booth 1: Notes on Trinity



Been reading arguments against the Trinity.

Basically, they all boil down to two basic arguments:

    1) Trinity not explicitly stated in the Bible

    2) Trinity does not make sense.

Both arguments, I find personally, are so pathetic that they barely deserve rebuttal.

But, in the spirit of living harmoniously, I would say that argument 1) is invalid because the premise presupposes that the actual terminology in the Bible must correspond to terminology in our current language in order to be valid.  What renders this argument invalid is that ideas and truths can be ideas and truths independent of precise terminology in any given language.

Argument 2) is completely invalid because it presupposes that any concept that is difficult to understand is invalid.  Validity, truthfulness, and veracity are not dependent on their ability to be understood.  A thing can have existence independent from any person or people's ability to comprehend it.


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