Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Overheard at Table 2: SC 270 - Notes from Churmangura House - Disc 1 Track 14

SC 270

D1 T14 Rickie Lee Jones - Tigers

Go out to where the stars are wild and cold.  Follow me, riptide, follow me awhile.   Let’s dance under moonlight and the insects buzzing sweetwillow, playing in the past parts of our unusual character.

Playing with fire, the frozen fire that crackles from the desert floor in the obsidian underbelly of the night.   Laying on the blanket, the old woven blanket that you got from your grandmother who stole it from the Navajo.

Our feathers will fall like the shooting stars across the timeless ocean of obsidian sky. 

Laying in tatters.

Sleeping all shredded like that.

Dreaming of white tygers, tygers, burning bright.

Memories of that far off city, watching Julio climb up the firescape and in through your open window, to drag you out and make our great escape. 

Tomorrow we will head into town and try to catch that train.  There is always another train.

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